The Humble Abode

AY YAI YAI!!! Today marks the 3-week countdown.

3 weeks until we can move into our beautiful new home.

3 weeks until classes are over.

3 weeks until SUMMER!

I cannot wait.

Today, we got to go over to the house and jot down a few measurements of the rooms and windows and such so we can prepare for all the shtuff we will need to have next year. It got me even more pumped on how awesome next year is going to be. Every time I get stressed in the next three weeks I’m just going to close my eyes and repeat “My own room. A kitchen. A car. My own room. A kitchen. A car. My own room…” and all my problems will go away.

As creepy as I felt walking around the house snapping pictures while everyone who is currently living there were all home, it needed to be done. I’m a shameless blogger, after all! Like I said to my friends, it’s like the first day of school: You hate your mom for making you stand in front of the school with your new shoes and sack lunch, but now you’re glad she did. Same thing.


Here is the lovely living room.

Frances and Claire measuring the windows in the sun room.

Kitchen nook in the sun room.

Two thumbs up for living off campus!

We just can’t contain our excitement.

MY ROOOMMMMM!!!! Technically, it’s the dining room, and technically, it doesn’t really have a closet, but it’s MINE ALL MINE!!!

The kitchen where hundreds of delicious meals will be lovingly prepared and the dishes will always be clean and put away.

Suzy Homemaker.

This is when they all were so sick of me making them take pictures. But they did it anyway. Because they luf me.

2 thoughts on “The Humble Abode

  1. You are going to have such a blast! That house is incredible…you are so lucky!!! I never commented on your summer dilemma post, but as much as New York would have been amazing, I am glad you will be home so I can spend all kinds of crazy time with you(: See you in 3 weeks!

  2. It is so cute Juje!! The kitchen and living room are so adorable and nice! I love it all! Especially your room with all the windows. I'm obsessed with natural light and unfortunately am not going to have a lot in our new place next year. 🙁


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