Oy, do I have a lot to tell you.

So! Exciting things have been happening and I have to go back a week ago today to give you the full picture.
Last Tuesday I had a mediocre day followed by a mediocre afternoon and in the early evening, I picked up my phone to give my dear mother a call. After talking for a few minutes she sprang some very exciting news on me; Through a friend of a friend, there was an opening this summer for an internship at Marc Jacobs in New York! This opportunity is something that literally anyone at SCAD (in the fashion department or otherwise) would absolutely kill for and would work hard all year to even be considered for. She explained that essentially all I had to do was turn in my resume and I would be seriously considered for the internship. In my head, I knew that I was so insanely blessed to be given this chance and that if I were to pass it up, I’d be the most foolish fashion student in the history of the world. But the more she talked about it, the larger the lump grew in my throat and before I knew it, I was forcing out loud gasps into the phone and there were tears running down my face. I was so so so excited to come home this summer and spend time with my family and friends, but how in the world was I supposed to pass up this great of a learning experience and such resume gold? And in any other time or situation, I knew that I would probably be crying tears of joy. This was so not the plan. The plan was for me to work this summer and intern next summer. I was so caught off guard by the fact that in seconds my whole summer had taken such a drastic turn. If offered the position, I knew there would be no way in the world that I would turn it down, but that meant giving up the summer I’ve been day dreaming of for months.
So over the next few days, I prayed about what to do. I prayed that if this were the right timing, that God would open my heart to this new plan and reveal to me that this is where I was supposed to be this summer. If it wasn’t, I prayed that He would close doors and give me another purpose for the summer. By Thursday, I had decided that I would definitely pursue the internship and see where it ended up. Slowly over the weekend, the idea of spending another summer in New York started to sound more and more appealing and the newness of the idea began to ware off. Real Julia came back to life and hit Fake Julia over the head and screamed “This is Marc Jacobs, you idiot! AND a summer in New York! Marc Jacobs + New York = A No Brainer! Why are you being such a stupid head!?”
Weeellllll, after e-mailing back and forth with both my contact at Marc Jacobs and my academic advisor at SCAD, I found out officially yesterday that I would not be able to do the internship until my sophomore year due to credits transferring.
Frankly, I was a bit relieved because I really did not feel settled about the timing of it all, but to be honest, it hit me suddenly that I really had nothing planned for the summer and that maybe that internship was something that may never come up again. That was last night. Then today, right after waking up from a glorious afternoon nap, I checked my e-mail and received the most amazing message!
This winter break, I worked for a few weeks at Studio Suzan Jewelry and had an amazing time. Well, lucky me– they have a job opening for the summer!!! Still half asleep, I read the e-mail from Suzan explaining what I’d be doing and I had to re-read it a few times for it to actually sink in. This job is more than perfect for what I want to be doing and learning this summer and I could not be more excited. I get to have my Newport Beach cake and eat it too! I am so grateful that God blessed me with not one, but two great opportunities for the summer and then made it so easy for me to see which was the better choice for me this year. And hopefully (fingers crossed), Marc Jacobs can be on the agenda for next summer!
Gee whiz, guys… three weeks left of Freshman year and then I’m a’comin home! Absolutely cannot wait.
Urg. I just re-read that and this is why I hate posting stuff on here about whats going on in my day to day life because it’s so daggum boring. I feel like I’m forcing you all to endorse the fact that my life is awesome. Fact: If I were to read this post on someone else’s blog, I would probably– no definitely make fun of them. Or roll my eyes at how annoying they were. Or make fun of them and then roll my eyes at how annoying they were.

3 thoughts on “YES!

  1. Not boring at all — Cool to hear your thoughts and how God has orchestrated your every day …

    AND… I'm so sososososos happy you're coming home too!

    AND… I'm so looking forward to going to NYC next summer!

  2. You are excited about working for some over-hyped person for free? My goodness, how shallow. Also, there are mistakes in your post. Hire a Fairfax sub-editor. They need the job..

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