Snuggle Puff

Had an awful lot that I could’ve gotten done tonight, but suddenly there’s tons on my mind. So instead I chose to put on my jammies and watch The Voice. Criticizing other’s singing abilities seems to make all my problems disappear. Yelling things at the TV like, “Are you kidding me?! She literally has the worst voice I’ve ever heard in the whole entire world. Oh my gosh. Stop singing! You suck!” somehow makes me feel better about myself?
You know the old saying: If you don’t have anything nice to say, start a blog.
Just kidding. I just made that up.
…Doesn’t make it any less true.
On the upside, today I became the proud owner of a brand new iPhone 4 and I already feel 10 points cooler just carrying this bad boy around. Another plus is that now I can take really artsy and introspective pictures whenever I feel even the slightest bit artsy and introspective. Like now:

Alright; that is all from me. Good night, dears. And may you all have a pleasant tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Snuggle Puff

  1. oooohhhh… so artsy and introspective… again, you make me smile

    By the way, wrote a big, long (and, if I say so myself) funny post re the next blog post… it disappeared (I guess Mom's “they” took it)… so bummed.

  2. im workin on getting one! aaand a minnie mouse case! hehe ill let u know when i do so we can facetime mothafuckkaaaaaaaaa! hehe love you

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