After MONTHS of waiting, Kaitlin. Is. Here.

Phew. What a few days it has been. After Kaitlin got here on Monday evening, I have been easing her into the slow Savannah culture while also allowing for my ridiculously fast paced midterms schedule. Lucky for us, yesterday marked the peak of all things term-y and it is down hill for the rest of the week!
I’ve been introducing her to all the amazing restaurants that I’ve been wanting to take her to for months and I haven’t pulled out any of the big guns yet, but today we are going to Zunzi’s which is going to blow her socks off.
It has been so much fun– and really weird– to show her my life here. I had forgotten how far from home Savannah really is and how different things are here.
I cannot wait for the rest of this week.

2 thoughts on “KATES IS HERE!!!!

  1. So excited for you guys!! Exploring new places with sisters are always the best. Love you! 🙂


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