No shame.

I have been working my butt off all weekend due to the fact that my seester decided to come visit me during midterms. Poor timing. BUT! I have managed to get almost all of my work for the whole week done (if I work all day tomorrow too) so I can spend every waking moment with her galavanting around the wondrous lands of Savannah. The only way that I could possibly complete the mountain of work that I had this weekend was to rely on two things: Parks and Recreation on Netflix and Oreos. Not only did I watch two whole seasons of Parks and Rec in two days (now officially one of my new favorite shows), but I also polished off a whole row of Oreos. Roughly ten Oreos. In one day.

I’ve done a pretty good job this year of avoiding major food binges going hand in hand with study sessions and stressful peaks, but today, I just crumbled. Oh, well. I’m fine with it. You should be too. Over eating every once in a while is part of life and A.O.K. in my book.

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