Sweet Heat

Just as the tides turned weeks ago from Winter to Spring, I am noticing lately the turn from Spring to Summer. You can feel it in the sticky heat that is starting to melt me everyday as I walk around steamy Savannah. You can see it in the way things are starting to move slower and slower. ‘Lazy’ is no longer a negative trait, but a welcomed fact of life.

But something I didn’t expect was the sweet smells that accompany such a unique time of year. I’ve never experienced anything quite like the smell of Spring the way Savannah offers. There’s almost an intoxication of floral aroma going on up and down every street. Every bush and tree in sight are in full bloom and the bright pinks, crisp whites and dewy greens are covering every inch of worthy space. The scents of beautiful blooms makes every day a bit brighter here and I can’t help but take a deep breath in as I walk outside everyday.

One thought on “Sweet Heat

  1. Can you bottle it and send some to CA? Sounds wonderful …

    The beauty to the senses must be calming… wish I could be with you to experience it.

    Can you include a couple of pics of your favorite blooming spots?

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