Mobile Uploads: Charlotte Edition

So, as previously mentioned, we failed to take any pictures this weekend in Charlotte. Lucky for you peeps, I have my trusty camera phone to take some of the load in the Creating Memories department.
Here we have a sleepy Frances Russell getting her Z’s on on the way to Charlotte. This comes as no surprise to me having gone on a few road trips now with Frances, who never fails to fall asleep in the car. Sometimes at the wheel. But this time she luckily wasn’t driving. Luckily.

I found this winner in a parking lot at a coffee shop we went to. What attracted me to it at first was the disgusting color (I am strongly against any mustard yellow paint being applied to any type of car). But, when I got closer I realized that the magic in this car had to do with the license plate: URMYXTC. Translated to ‘You’re my Ecstasy.’ Genius.
Here I am contemplating buying one more of my all time favorite shirts. To buy or not to buy? To buy or not to buy? To buy or not to buy? Buy! Buy! Buy! Tri-Evergreen, meet your new family, Athletic Blue, Tri-Indigo and Tri-Black.
On Friday, we went to an art exhibit and by far the coolest thing was the way one of the rooms was covered in blue painting tape. And, by the way, that lady is pregnant.
I have been on the hunt for a new pair of readers and I finally found just the right pair this weekend. I don’t really think this picture does them justice, so I will be posting more pictures when I get them in da mail this week! And I will take pictures, pictures and more pictures until these glasses look amazing.
Here’s a shirt that I found at Anthropologie that I want. Buy it for me? No, really. Buy it for me.
Behold! The world’s greatest surprise. Del Taco Combo Burritos are my favorite. And there are no Del Tacos outside of California. Scratch that. I thought there weren’t any Del Tacos outside of California. Until I found this one on the side of the road on the way back from Charlotte!!! Turns out there are only TWO other than CA (both are in South Carolina). That burrito never tasted so good.
So, there you have it! Charlotte in a nutshell. Have a lovely evening, friends.

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