On Thursday night, I essentially “packed my blog lunch the night before” and typed up this little post so that on Friday morning, I could post and we would be on our way. Unfortunately, the early morning monster got to me and in the time between rolling out of bed and getting into Claire’s car, I forgot. So here is the original post:

This weekend we are heading to Claire’s house in Charlotte, NC.
Food, shopping, exploring, food, shopping, movies. Food. Food.
I can’t wait.
Needless to say, we did all of these things.
Indeed, we ate:
Friday. Chik-Fil-A breaky (including me paying for Claire’s chicken minis because she won the bet that she wouldn’t be able to be on the road before 8:00). Lang Vans lunchy. Smelly Cat Coffee mid-day snacky. Nikko’s sushi dinny.
Saturday. Cafe a la Patty (Mrs. Barnhardt) breaky. Split pasta with Wren at CPK lunchy. Shish Kabob’s, once again a la Patty (Mrs. Barnhardt) dinny.
Sunday. Cafe a la Patty (Mrs. Barnhardt) breaky. Brunch at the Country Club (I’ve never felt classier). and…..a surprise cameo from……DEL TACO mid-day snacky! Turns out there are only 2 Del Tacos outside of California and we just so happened to drive by one of them in South Carolina. Uno Combo Burrito, por favor. No dinny.
ANNNDDDD Mrs. Barnhardt made us chocolate chip cookies for the road.
I’m. So. Full.
Indeed, we shopped:
Purchases made at Madewell (shirt), American Apparel (headbands and another one of these), Hong Kong Vintage (dress), Urban Outfitters (shoes), Kate Spade (glasses), Nordstrom Rack (Hangers on sale).
This sounds like a lot. And it is. But I needed everything. Ok, not everything, but most of it. And even if I didn’t, you can take your judgement and put it elsewhere because I won’t allow it here. Thanks to Don and Linda’s perpetual money management training, I know what I’m doing, thank you very much.
Indeed, we explored:
Charlotte is a mess of cool things. Noda (North Davidson). Myer’s Park (The Barnhardt Home). The McColl Center (The Green Shadow Show). Meyer’s Park Presbyterian (Happy Palm Sunday!). Last Place on Earth (Bought Wren’s new Dwarf Bunny named Cocaine. More on this later).
And I didn’t work out once and I slept a ton and it rained a lot I laughed a lot and it just felt so good to relax. and Indulge. I love my time in Savannah, but things get small. And stressful. And it feels like so much is changing and evolving and growing around me (good and bad) and I feel so disconnected from the world. It’s nice to be reminded there are places and things that matter more than SCAD.
One thing we forgot to do was take pictures. Dang it. Because Charlotte was beautiful beyond all expectations. But, do not fret. We will be going back soon. And by soon I mean, this weekend. Easter. It’s on.

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  1. That sounds like a great break from escuela! I too feel bogged down by always being at Whitworth. It is just draining being at the same place all day, everyday so it is necessary to get back into the real world because I often forget it is there. North Carolina sounds like a great place and you should take me there sometime(:

    Love you!
    P.S “Like we never loved at all” literally just came on my ipod!!! Want to go back to our road trip…like now

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