N-Never Say Never. N-Never Say Never.

Just to name a few…
Skylark Circle.

Skylark Circle.
Port Carlow.

Port Carlow.

Pirate Road.
Pirate Road.

There are countless lessons I’ve learned from Justin Bieber.

1. When wearing purple sunglasses, always pair it with a purple hoodie, purple jeans and a purple hat.
2. When you meet Usher for the first time, never abandon the opportunity to sing him one of his own songs.
3. Canada produces amazing people.
4. Being 5’3″ is not all bad.
5. And finally, Never. Say. Never.
Ok, let’s go back to that last one. Never Say Never is not only the name of one of his most influential and popular songs, but it also is the name of the recent inspirational documentary based on his life. Why am I referencing a 17 year old pop sensation as my guide to life at this moment? Because the words “Never say never” hold special value lately.
My family moves. We move a lot. Eighteen times to be exact. (Yes, 18. If you want me to break it down to prove it to you, I will.) Last time we moved was about 4 years ago when I was a sophomore in high school. My parents promised– swore, in fact, that this would be the last move for quite a while. They said that the next move would be well past after Kaitlin and I both had graduated from college. Well, as a wise man once said (not Justin this time) “Promises are meant to be broken” because it appears that once again my room will be converted into a virtual cardboard jungle as I pack up my things and cross the threshold of Bigger and Better.
Does this constant nomadic behavior bother me? Sometimes. But I have also learned through the years that a house is so so so much more than a structure. It’s the people that move house to house with me. It’s the pictures of memories that get nailed and re-nailed and re-nailed and re-nailed again in every house. It’s the conversations we have around the dinner table. It’s so much more than cardboard boxes can hold. This news comes with rather odd timing in that I just so happen to be going home this Wednesday for a few days and it seems that this will be the last time I will be seeing the insides of 307 Pirate Road. I am so thrilled to be able to spend a few more days with my family in such an amazing house with so many great memories.
This time, just like every other time, I am so thrilled to see what happens next in our family. God has shown to me time and time again that his plan is so much greater than anything I can even begin to imagine.
The best part of all of this? It’s my turn to get the big room. I’m thinking… exposed brick, hardwood floors… rich yellow accents… ? I don’t know. Still brainstorming.

3 thoughts on “N-Never Say Never. N-Never Say Never.

  1. OK I love the room idea! But you're moving again???????? I know your house has been doing the “We'll just put the sign up and see if we get any nibbles” but I didn't know you had gotten a “bite, a big bite!”(name that movie?!?) Do you guys know where you are moving to yet? If I had it my way I say you move back to the CM…so many good times were had between our houses there.haha I have to say that the Notthingham house was my favorite, but maybe this next one will surpass it!!! Although it is probably somewhat exciting to go someplace new again, it is still a little sad to see another one go. Have fun at home this week!(:

  2. Man o man, another move! I can't believe you guys are really moving, but I agree with Tenin I think you guys should come back to CM! 🙂 Have a great week at home and soak up all those memories. Love you!

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