And THIS is why I want to go into fashion.

Every so often I get insecure about what I am doing going to school for fashion. I wonder if I have the so called “cool factor” that seems necessary keep up with the leggy, designer clad fashionistas that are suddenly my peers. All I know is that from a very young age, I had an interest in color, pattern, texture, technique, beauty and style. The possibilities of what those words could mean was endless and that excited me.
Recently one of my all time favorite blogs, Advanced Style (a blog dedicated to only the most stylish of senior citizens), teamed up with to produce this amazing short video.

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on

It inspired me because it reminded me that as one of the women remarked “it’s fun to dress up.” And at the end of the day, that’s all it really is, right? Dress up.

3 thoughts on “And THIS is why I want to go into fashion.

  1. I LOVE THESE LADIES!!! They make me want to go out and buy something crazy just because I like it! Julia, that will be you one day…looking smokin hot no matter how old you are!

  2. This was such a treat to watch. I was inspired and laughed and smiled and got happy. Can I steal it and repost on fb?
    Julia you have a God-given aptitude for art. Never doubt that, I saw it when you were like in 2nd, 3rd grade. Press on friend!

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