Yesterday was the first day of Spring and I totally forgot to blog this photo I have been saving for months! O well, better late than never. I am currently enjoying the ides of March in beautiful Pawley’s Island, SC as Frances and I round out our “Spring Break 2011: South Eastern Coastal Extravaganza.” 1 more day here, then a day in Charleston, then heading back to good old Savvy.

2 thoughts on “Dagnabit.

  1. this pic is SO beautiful! i see why you were saving it!! its all my favorite colors too hehe i miss you! so glad you keep up with this blog because it makes me feel closer to you when i read it every day <3 love you

  2. I agree with Daniz…beautious…and so appropriate for the south.

    Hope you are getting refreshed…love to the Malinskis!

    love you

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