Spring Break: 2011

I never thought this quarter would end, but finally the day is here when I can say it is officially Spring Break. I never understood all the hub-bub about Spring Break in high school. Obviously, I didn’t mind the week off to just relax and give you that little burst of energy to finish out the year, but now that I’m in college, I absolutely 100% LOVE Spring Break. We have been working out butts of for 10 solid weeks. 10 weeks of school. 10 weeks of cold weather. 10 weeks of trying to stay inspired and original in classes that are anything but inspired or original.
I’m heading off today to Daufuskie Island to spend a few days at the beautiful Barnhardt home and then it’s off to Asheville this weekend to spend time with my favorite North Carolinian family with Frances. I cannot wait. I cannot wait. I cannot waaaiiiiittt!!!!

One thought on “Spring Break: 2011

  1. Okay I LOVE this picture!! I think we need to go to Almanor over summer and reinvent this with the four cousins. 🙂 Happy spring break!

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