Like many college students with too much time on their hands, I spend my days trolling the internet watching non-sensical videos, stalking ex-classmates on social networking sites, reading celebrity gossip and writing a wildly entertaining (and sometimes self-serving) blog. One of my most favorite recent guilty pleasures/train-wreck-esque time wasters has been keeping up with the ever developing saga of actor (and self-proclaimed Warlock) Charlie Sheen’s life. In case you didn’t watch his multiple interviews in the last few weeks or read any of the hundreds of articles discussing his mental breakdown, here’s a quick catch up for you: the guy has gone nutzo. He has taken the celebrity fueled enlarged ego to a new level after recently being fired from his hit show “Two and a Half Men” and ran with it.
My roommates and I have found much pleasure in constantly quoting his recent catch phrases and incorporating them into our everyday lives. Favorites such as “Winning. Duh.” convey a sense of contentment with oneself if things are going your way. There are countless others that are now conveniently documented at my new favorite website: . Simply click on Sheen’s head to read some of the ridiculous things that come out of his mouth. Get ready to waste about 30 minutes or so clicking through the site and trying to make sense of his quotes.
Until next time, I’ll be “banging 8 gram rocks and finishing them. Because that’s how I roll.” – Charlie Sheen

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  1. I can tell by the way you write that you've got tiger's blood in your veins… that you are a whole different breed … you must be on a drug called Charlie Sheen… Now that you've gotten a big head with your whoopty-do blog, you might become overwhelmed by your fame, because, as you know ….Fame is empowering. Don't make the mistake of thinking you would instinctively know how to handle it. But there's no manual, no training course.

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