2 thoughts on “Cool

  1. I really love how creative people are in the world! Things like this just make people happy and feel special that they saw something so awesome, and I love that there are people in the world who take their time to make things just so people will smile! Other examples:
    1. the cool yarn covered town you had in one of your posts
    2. the sound of music dance in the train station
    3. the piano stairs at some subway station in some European place
    4. “flowers in pothole” guy you also had on one of your posts

    I just love it! And of course I love you(: There is lots of good in this world and sometimes it just takes a special person, like you, to find the extra good things. Hope you are having a happy day!

  2. Tenin — you are one of those things in the world that is special and good too! Love your comments!

    You can make it, Juj!!! And sooooo happy about your house for next year!!! :o)

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