Color Theory Video

It is here. Of all the ridiculous videos I’ve made in my lifetime (and surprisingly, there are probably more than you’d think) this one may have to be my new favorite. The thought behind this was the more ridiculous we make it, the less painful it will be to watch in front of our whole class. Well, we nailed the ridiculous. But, I think the jury is still out on whether or not it will be less painful.

After showing it to a few friends to get their reactions, we’ve come to find that although the acting, costuming and editing are flawless, the story line is, in fact, a bit hard to follow. So here’s a quick synopsis: Claire goes into a fabulously unstable hair salon to get her hair done by the master of all master’s, The Great Coco (your’s truly). Bored with her current look, she falls into a dreamlike state while fantasizing a world with perfect hair. Along the way she meets and becomes comrads with three other Hair Fairies (think the Spice Girls, but cooler) as they take her on a journey of love and learning. Ultimately she finds out the true meaning of life and comes out of her dream to execute the world’s greatest hair style.
And without further ado…. I give you… Whip My Hair.

5 thoughts on “Color Theory Video

  1. OK – crackin me up completely… why does it not surprise me that Frances has those gold tights? one word: Texas :o)



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