I was wrong…

Yesterday did not turn out how I had hoped….

Shortly after I posted that upbeat little diddy about how marvelous my day was going to be, I got an unexpected text from Frances about an errand that we’ve been itching to run for what feels like forever! I’ll skip the boring details, but let me just say that that picture, my dears, is where I, Julia Patton, will be living next year!!! This has been MONTHS in the making and I have purposely kept it under wraps from this blog the whole time to avoid jinxing myself and the added embarrassment of posting pictures of yet another house only for it to later fall through. This 4 bedroom beauty is in a great area of Savannah with an awesome deal on rent and I, for one could not be happier. I would explain all the random hoops we had to jump through to get this little guy, but that would be quite a long and boring read. Let’s just say, at one point, Frances and I were mistaken for door-to-door Jehovah’s witnesses after we ambushed the current tenants and knocked on their door begging for a quick tour. Not one of my finest moments. But who cares?! Because right now all I can think about are the food we’ll make, the people we’ll have over and the space…ahhh the space…that will be mine all mine!!! I can barely contain myself. Is it too soon to start a folder of decor pictures on my computer? No? Good. Because I started it like 3 months ago.
Peeps: You are now all officially invited to stay with me next year because, guess what? YOU CAN!

3 thoughts on “I was wrong…

  1. This is so exciting and this place is absolutely gorgeous. I am personally extremely jealous because here in San Diego I could never find such a great place. We are in the process of trying to find a place now and it is beyond stressfull. I am so happy you guys found a place. I might be thinking of coming to visit. 🙂 Love you!

  2. Ummm I would like to live there for my life! It is sooooo pretty!!! Lucky little ducky! You are going to have a blast there!


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