Mobile Uploads

Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks from my little old cellular phone.
Got no Valentine? Well, your mom still loves you. I got this delightful package from my mommers to let me know that if all else fails on Valentines day, thin mints and teddy bears will always be there for you.

This bowl of pasta is way more than just a bowl of pasta. It was cooked from my new obsession: the rice cooker. I am actually going to write a whole post in the next few weeks dedicated to this new appliance that has literally changed. my. life.
I’ve never seen one of these signs before so I made my Frances stop the car so I could get out and take a picture. All of my friends found this extremely rude because “What if there is a deaf child looking out the window of his house watching you take this picture?”….My answer to this is, “What? As if he’s never seen this sign before? Cool your jets ladies. Just because their deaf doesn’t mean their ridiculously emotionally fragile too.” Insensitive? You tell me.
I have found my favorite spot in all of Savannah. The other day I had some time to kill before my Art History class and I stumbled upon an unlocked door that led to a completely empty auditorium. So quiet. Full of natural light. My new secret.
Just for fun, here’s another pic of Frances and I post-paint fight. Paint up the nose. Literally.
I think I ingested a dangerous amount of paint yesterday and not only did we all feel disgusting last night, but Spencer and I threw out our necks with all the whipping and what not. We are such old ladies. This Sunday is going to be a slow one.

One thought on “Mobile Uploads

  1. 1)Gotta love the parentals on Valentine's Day…just another thing to make you like the holiday(:
    2)Rice cooker??? Sounds like something I should invest in for the house next year. Can't wait to hear about it!
    3)No Comment…too confused.
    4)Isn't it funny how natural light just makes any room better? I'm determined to find a house when I'm older that has amazing windows to allow for the most natural light as possible to illuminate the house…artificial lights are poop
    5)You're great and I'm soooooooooooooo freakin excited to see the video!!!

    Love you!

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