The end of the quarter is approaching quickly (T-11 days!) and we have been handed an onslaught of projects. One of these is a group project for Color Theory. We have to make a video using representational color and how it translates emotion. Yawn. Our professor showed us some examples of previous projects and they were less than inspiring. Double yawn. Because this class has been such a snooze fest and quite the letdown, we figured we’d go all out on this last project and pay homage to one of our favorite songs of the year so far: Whip my Hair by Willow Smith. (You may recall our recent tribute at the beach a few short weeks ago) We have been developing a concept for the video over the last week or so and after much preparation, we finally filmed today. The video has yet to be made, but I thought I’d share a couple pictures.

We went a little crazy on the hair and makeup and decided to weave felt in our hair and glue jewels all over our face. I think it adds a little pizazz, don’tcha think?

The video is easier explained by watching it, but lets just say it involves lots of paint, THE most unflattering outfit I’ve ever worn and lots of embarrassing dancing on my part. Lots of embarrassing dancing.

We were pretty much drenched in paint by the end of the day. That and the fact that we each had about one can of hair spray in our hair made for pretty long showers at the end of the day. (My new blonde hair has in uninvited pink streak hanging out in the front right now. Grr.)

I’ve got pretty cool friends.

2 thoughts on “Finals

  1. this is absolutely amazing. can't wait to see the video!

    ps. love that song.
    pps. love the jewels on your face.
    ppps. love you.

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