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Ahhh, the Oscars. One of my favorite fashion nights of the year. Let’s talk red carpet. No. First, lets talk about what a disaster Anne Hathaway and James Franco were as hosts. I was so looking forward to seeing how they were planning on hosting the show due to the fact that they were so different from any other hosts from previous years. As a fan of them both, I was very much disappointed. Not only because Anne Hathaway was so over excited THE WHOLE TIME, but because James Franco’s stoned demeanor made me wonder if he even wanted to be there. Lame. Anyway, back to the good stuff: pretty dresses.
I must say that I wasn’t as thrilled with the Oscar fashion as much as I loved the Golden Globes, which is surprising coming hot off of fashion week where so many red carpet worthy gowns could have been chosen. Of course, there were lots of gorgeous dresses and no major misses to speak of, but there weren’t as many home runs as I had hoped. So, to maintain the integrity of my in depth red carpet coverage, I’m only posting looks that I absolutely LOVED as apposed to a ton of things that were OK mixed in with the amazing stuff.

Let’s start off with one of this year’s co-hosts. Anne Hathaway had 8 wardrobe changes during the show, but my favorite had to be her first look on the red carpet wearing Valentino Couture. Red was a big trend this year, but I don’t think it can be properly pulled off unless you are nominated or hosting. This gown is just so feminine and flattering on her.

Cate Blanchett’s Givenchy Couture gown is getting some mixed reviews, but I, for one, absolutely loved it. The color, the structure, the silhouette, the beading– everything is so original and fashion forward while still being wearable and visually appealing. Plus, in my opinion, Cate can do no wrong. I could sit and listen to her talk all day.

The second Mandy Moore hit the red carpet, I immediately recognized the beautiful Monique Lhullier gown. There were some mixed feelings with the crowd I was watching with, but I loved everything about this look. The dress is so glamorous and she carried out an old Hollywood elegance in the styling of everything including the hair and makeup.

I mean, I don’t want to have to say I told you so, but…. I think I called this one like a month ago. Mila Kunis looks stunning in this violet (also a big trend) Elie Saab gown. Again, very original and fashion forward while still maintaining it’s relatability. The color also happens to be amazing on her.

Reese Witherspoon seems to hit the nail on the head every time and this was no exception. It took me a second to decide whether or not I liked this, but ultimately I appreciate the clean, chic simplicity of the modern black and white Armani Prive gown. Maybe it’s because she is almost the spitting image of the original Barbie.
Well, that’s it for award season this year, folks. I’m so sad to see it go, but until next year: May your carpets be red and your wardrobes be malfunctionless.

3 thoughts on “Oscar Fashion 2011

  1. I love Anne Hathaway's dress!! I'm not her biggest fan, but very few women would be able to pull off such a bold red. And I have been secretly craving Elie Saab ever since your first post about him. So decadent and feminine. Sigh.

  2. Like your pics — loved them all too – Gotta agree with Bow – JH looked amazing – daring and bold but beautiful color – she shined! And Mila Kunis was feminine and gorgeous and glamourous — LOVED it. But most of all, I love your red carpet reviews… and you.

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