Cough, Sneeze, Home Sick.

While Spencer and Claire get over a bit of a cold towards the end of the quarter, I’m dealing with quite the gnarly bout of homesickness. No amount of Airborne or Emergen-C is going to fix this little disease. I don’t know if its the fact that I’m not even halfway through this chunk of being away or that I’ve been feeling quite claustrophobic in my living situation, but I find myself missing people from home more than ever.
I think with some sleep and lots of water, I’ll get rid of this bug, but until then, I stare at all the pictures on my wall wrapped up in a blanket with a box of empty kleenex.

5 thoughts on “Cough, Sneeze, Home Sick.

  1. It's also cause winter on the east coast is horrible and makes you itch to be anywhere and everywhere other than wherever you are. Call your mommy and cry (always works for me) and eat things like cornbread. Feel better. 🙁

  2. Pujela-
    I am plagued by that same sickness. I have also been feeling it lately because for some reason I keep having dreams about home so I just wake up expecting to be home and then I realize I'm in a dorm room 2 states away and it makes me really sad. I find that it usually helps if I kind of escape in something, for me usually a book or sometimes(I'll admit it) TV. If I just put my head phones in and pick up a non-school book that I enjoy reading it keeps my mind off of it long enough that I can move on to something else without being in a poopy mood all day. The good news is you are in the second half of the year so you get to push forward to a very long time at home and not just a few week break. Hope this makes you feel a little better(: Just know you are definitely not the only one with this little bug and I miss you and love you so much! Stay strong! Or for the T-Swift fan in you…just stay beautiful!

  3. speechless… or I should say writeless . . .miss you too, my little kumquat! Can't wait for April — you get some cookies and I'll get some cookies… then let's skype while we eat them together! :o)
    love you

    Daddy says… most people say that scotch and/or boubon work for your situation, but, being that you're under 21, I'd just cuddle up with a box of Cheezits and a glass of milk – It's worked for me in the past – you might want to try it.

    If not, you can always do 5 for 5! Love you bunches, Dad – can't wait to see you

  4. Juju it works both ways, I'm sick waiting for all of my girls to return, I miss you all!!!
    Thanks for the chat on the phone. Uncle Doug

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