Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

If you’ve seen me at all in the past week, you’ve probably seen me surfing the web drooling over images of this weeks Fashion Week in New York displaying the collections of designer’s and their definition of Fall 2011. I became slightly obsessed. I…am going against my better judgement and possibly taking some heat by telling you that I managed to watch the Vera Wang runway show streaming live while simultaneously taking notes in Art History. Extreme? No. Just right.
This video from the New York Times pretty much covers all the bases when it comes to a wrap up of trends and upcoming styles. I for one, couldn’t be more thrilled with their ideas because it’s all about coverage, coverage, coverage. I can work with this. I am the queen of mastering the grandma librarian look and the phrase, “Modest is Hottest” was pretty much my senior quote.

One thought on “Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

  1. ok . . .I learned
    1. I like Jason Wu's style – who knew? who knew Jason Wu? woo woo for Wu.. guess I'm wacky for Wu

    2. Michael Kors likes himself and his work (and dang it, though he seemed rather arrogant, I do love his stuff)

    3. There was the 70s and the 80s and the 90s and the last decade was the “ottys” – or is it “aughtys” — I've heard the term “ott” with a number after it… knew that one… but didn't know the decade was the “ottees”

    Juj – your blog is both entertaining and educational…love it, love you

    Can't wait to see you sitting in the 1st row

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