A Semi Stressful Day Salvaged Only by Thin Mints and Sun Screen

Friday was registration and as freshman, our registration time is one of the last slots of them all. After thoroughly planning my schedule and two back up schedules nearly 3 weeks ago, I felt as though there was no more preparation to be done. I planned to take Art History II with a challenging, but not impossible teacher, Life Drawing with someone who grades on effort and not on talent and finally Fashion Tech with any teacher who still had a spot left.
It was a beautiful 78 degree day here in Savannah and we spent the whole day worshipping the sun and laying out at Forsyth Park waiting for my 4:30 registration time. A crisis we had averted earlier with the internet being down at the dorm had already been dealt with and I assumed I would be able to log on to the registration site, make a few clicks and be on my way. False.
At about 4:00, we left the park and walked over to the nearby Sentient Bean to use their internet and grab a delicious snack. After sitting down with my computer for no more than two minutes, I realized that MySCAD, the site for registration, was totally and completely swamped. And, I realized that all, yes, ALL of my classes (even the backups) were completely full and closed. So with about 5 minutes until registration, and scrambling with the world’s slowest internet, I had to restructure my entire spring quarter. 4:30 came and went and the internet was still loading and I was still without most of my classes figured out. Finally after much, much frustration and every fiber in my being stopping myself from ripping my computer out of the wall and throwing it at the homeless man sitting next to me and asking a million non sensical questions, I got my classes. Art History II with Jane Rehl, a teacher who as Spencer describes her is “literally the devil. Seriously.” Life Drawing with a teacher who may or may not be an American citizen with an impossibly thick accent and 3D design at 8 in the morning.
After intense complaining session for about 2 hours on Friday evening, I think I finally have settled with the fact that this is my schedule, like it or not and it will all be fine if I work hard. Plus, its only 10 weeks. I can do anything for 10 weeks. Ok. Not anything, but these classes I can definitely do for 10 weeks.

Two positives:
1. After applying and reapplying all day (and getting made fun of from my ‘friends’ for my extremely pale skin), my exuberant sun screen use saved me from any burn even after laying out for a whole day. For the record I prefer the term ‘alabaster’ over ‘pale’.
2. Adorable black girl scouts were selling cookies at Kroger. Two boxes of thin mints. Please and thank you.

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