That’s Cool…or Creepy.

The other day, my friend Wren, who is considering transferring from SCAD next year, was looking around on the interwebs for opinions on the difference between SCAD and schools like Parsons and Pratt. She googled something to the affect of SCAD vs. Parsons and looky look what popped up!

Yes. It is indeed a link to my ever panicked (and hungry) post last year aptly named “SCAD vs. Parsons: Let the War Begin.” Looks like we know who won.
When she told me that she had inadvertently stumbled upon my blog, at first I didn’t know if I should be embarrassed, flattered or weirded out. I remember this time last year when my college decision consumed my every thought every day for a solid 6 months (probably more, if I’m being honest). And I remember searching those same things over and over and over again looking for anyone to give me their honest and unbiased opinion on where in the world I should choose go to college. It makes me wonder how many people have searched that in the last year or so and found my post and read it.
That’s the weird thing about this blog. Some of my friends and family are quite vocal about reading my blog everyday and I am so surprised and blessed every time someone tells me they like what I post, but then there are the people who I don’t even know who read this silly thing and enjoy it. I don’t think there are many, but it’s weird to think about either way.
All this to say, I don’t quite know how I feel about being able to be googled, but if I’ve made someones day a little brighter, I don’t mind it.

5 thoughts on “That’s Cool…or Creepy.

  1. Ok that is so COOL!!! I'm going to google that right now just to see it for myself!ha And I have no doubt that if anyone reads this blog their day will be brightened since I know mine is.

  2. ok, so cool… it amazes me . . .

    Juj — here comes that smile again — I love that people can get a glimpse into your heart, your sense of humor, your thoughts… I appreciate your blog so much for so many different reasons. Thanks.

  3. kimberly!
    really!? that is so cool. and exciting! if you end up going to scad, let me know!!!
    and you should come here. because its awesome.

  4. Hi Julia! I just have to say, I came across your blog one day by clicking on the “next blog” button, and I now read it daily! I love it both because you have such a fantastic way of writing and also because I too am a Fashion major. I've actually JUST sent in my Parsons application and i would love it if you could give me your opinion on my portfolio! It would mean a lot to me đŸ™‚

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