It’s here.

I did everything I could, but Valentines Day somehow managed to show up again this year. And although V Day is NO WHERE NEAR my top 5 list when it comes to holidays, I think all of this prep work might just have gotten me a bit more excited about Valentines day (and not just because I can finally wear my red heart dress that I’ve been saving for weeks). Who am I?

Anyway, after all of my award worthy valentines day coverage for the last few days, a couple days ago I thought to myself “What have you done? You’ve pulled out all the stops before the actual day. You have no more Valentines day themed images saved, no more topics to cover (being that food and crafts are really the only ones that matter) and you’re gonna have nothing to do on the big day!” Essentially I’d inadvertently Lady Gaga’d myself. How do I top myself? You pull out the egg vessel. That’s what you do.
So, I phoned a friend and went straight to the Love source– the people who have shown me what it is to love and to be loved since I was born. My parents and my grandma Bunny. Nothing I write can beat their 26 and 50 year marriages respectively.
I e-mailed them asked them each 4 simple questions on love. I was so blessed by their responses. Whether they were funny or heartwarming, their answers made me realize how selfless love is.
The Questions were:
  1. Define love.
  2. How did you know you were in love?
  3. Name some things you love.
  4. What are things you love about your spouse?

Grandma Bunny had this to say:
  1. Love is an affectionate, tender, passionate feeling for another person that you feel in your heart
  2. There was never one single moment when I thought WOW! I’m in love. Loving your grandpa was an ever changing ,ongoing journey. Regarding love at first sight, there is such a thing. I experienced this phenomenom at the birth of Don, Doug, Sue, Tracy, Taryn, Kaitlin and you my dear Julia!
  3. The life I am privileged to live, The sun, Books, My family, Julia’s blog etc.etc.etc………………
  4. He loved me! He was a softy (Don’t tell anyone!) He was over the hill wild about his kids and grandkids
My mom said:
  1. Chocolate is love — it loves me, I love it back … but that’s not my final answer. Love is… hmmm… well, loving is selflessly, giving and serving another for their betterment, as Jesus gave Himself… love is fun, finding the other person interesting, adorable, respectable, admirable, and finding someone you trust enough that you’re willing to humbly listen to how they think you need to change.
  2. When I felt at total peace and confidence in my relationship with Don… that no matter what, he was the one I wanted to see across the table each day.
  3. I love God’s unconditional, unrelenting, vivacious pursuit of my heart to be turned toward Him; I love where God has brought the relationships in my family — to health, to support, to fun, to independence, to appreciation for His great gifts.
  4. His adorable smile and hot legs!
And finally, my Dad:
  1. Committed loyalty
  2. Sounds corny but I knew that the first or second time I met your mother, i wanted to marry her. Unlike Sleepless in Seattle, I don’t necessarily believe that there is one and only one person out there for you. I do believe that God will put people in your lives that you will be attracted to , and through Him great gift of marriage, you will develop greater love and appreciation for that person.
  3. I love my family; I love the way God has molded my character through the relationship that I have with Him, and, because I can’t leave this one out… chili dogs.
  4. Her enthusiasm for life.
Aren’t those answers great!? Thanks for doing that, guys– you’re the best.

Now it’s your turn to answer the questions that apply to you and comment below. I can’t wait to hear your answers.
Happy Valentines Day!

3 thoughts on “It’s here.

  1. Let me just start off by saying that you, Julia Patton, just made my Valentine's Day. This is such a great idea and I have to be honest that Grandma Bunny's responses made me cry. Maybe it's just this day that I love so much or the fact that everything on this planet makes me cry, but she is just the most amazing person I know and I love her so much! Now I guess I have to answer these questions so here I go:
    1. Love is when you can't imagine your life without that person. As much as they may drive you crazy, you continue to forgive and forget because the thought of them not being there is so much worse than letting something come between you.
    2. The first time I really understood what love was when I realized I was happy to sacrifice my time, energy, money, etc. to make someone else happy.
    3. Oh man this list could go for awhile…MY FAMILY, my friends, Sierra, my neigbors, the rain, caring and considerate people, country music, baked goods, and of course God's unconditional love and forgiveness.

    How can you even begin to say that you don't like this holiday??? It's a yearly reminder to constantly be showing/telling those you love that you do and live in love because that is the only thing that matters.

  2. I am so lucky to have such a GREAT family!! Everyone's answers make me realize how truly blessed we are to have each other and how I am such a Patton and cried with each and everyone's answers just like Tenin.
    1. Love is something that takes your breath away. You can't get enough of what you love and would do anything for it.
    2. I knew I was in love when I would do anything to please that person. I would give up what I wanted to make sure that person was happy and taken care of.
    3. Okay things I LOVE…God, mi familia, friends, my puppers, nursing school, all my “kiddos” and their families, lululemon (haha i just had to), and my bed and roof over my head each and every night.
    Julia…you are outstanding and I think that you have started to really enjoy Valentine's Day whether you like it or not. 🙂

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