When you’re alone on Valentines day and there is really nothing for you to mark the holiday with, what does one turn to? Food. (Let’s ignore the fact that over eating may in fact be the reason you are alone on such a day, but I digress) And what better way to take diminish the sting of the fact that you are all alone than a heart shaped red velvet cake? Two heart shaped red velvet cakes! Just kidding. That’d be ridiculously too much.

So, where will you find me on Monday? Probably, half naked in a bath tub covered in crumbs and cream cheese frosting with this song playing over and over and over again. But I’ll for sure be wearing something red to keep up with the spirit!
Stop on by! It’ll be a good time.

2 thoughts on “Binge

  1. this looks so delicious and im at my place in l.a with NO food because i don't want to have to transport the groceries from here to my new place on saturday so all i have is popcorn and an orange. haha stop posting images of delicious food! you always make me hungry!!!


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