This made me smile. Not like a picture of an awkward family would of made me smile, but in a OK, fine. This is kind of cute, I guess kind of way.

(And for those of you keeping track at home, it is day 3 of my Valentines Day coverage and my organs are slowly starting to fail and i’ve begun to lose significant amounts of hair.)

3 thoughts on “How…precious.

  1. Good job Jules! Don't they say that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit? Post about V-Day for 3 weeks and you just might end up loving it! Love you.
    ~Aunt Sue

  2. Your organs are slowly failing because you are becoming a softy on the inside and your hair is falling out because of the excitement you feel in anticipation of this most glorious of all days(: Just thought I should clarify what all these symptoms mean. LOVER YOU MUCHO MI AMOR!

  3. Is this Julia doing this blog? Is this a New Year's resolution? I like it, but what's with the sudden embracing of Valentine's Day? Don't know, but I think it's (and you're) wonderful!!

    I think this pic is so cute… especially with the french.


    Am watching about a murder mystery that happened in Savannah!

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