This is Neat.

The more I learn about myself, the more I come to realize how much I crave organization. On my desk. In my room. In my life.

I would give anything to have the space for organization right now. Yes, I have my little bins and drawers conveniently spaced all over the room, but with three girls living in one room, things are unavoidably chaotic at times.

Next year. Next year, I will be living in a house. With a room. For me. With lots of drawers. And Shelves. And nooks. And crannies.
Next year.

3 thoughts on “This is Neat.

  1. Tell me about it! Dorm life just doesn't accomodate for organization very well. Like you, I will be in a house next year with my own space and I can't wait to make it all pretty and organized and my own little sanctuary(: We should definitely visit each other next year in our cool new pads!

  2. I wish this could be my room even though I'm not super into fabric and sewing, but I could organize all my syringes and meds. haha LOVE your need for organization and I hope I can come visit sometime. 🙂

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