Jacksonville Fun

Yesterday, Spencer, Frances, Claire, Wren and I took a little trip down to Jacksonville, FL to see the world’s best hardcore band, Hundredth. Yes. This is Spencer’s boyfriend, Andrew’s band. The same one that we went to see in Columbia. The same night Spencer’s car got towed…..awkward….Anyway, it was great. Obviously.
And here are some pictures to prove it.
This is America’s Smallest Church. For real.

It was definitely smaller than my dorm room, which I didn’t think was possible, but adorably quaint. Only in southern Georgia does a woman named Mrs. Agnes Harper build this church and then deed it to the big man himself, Jesus Christ.

Is this inappropriate? Maybe.
After some road trip fun (video later) we got to Jacksonville (which, if you’re curious, is about 2 hours away).We had some time to kill before the show so we headed over to the beach.
La la la la Group picture Lala

Jumping pictures never get old. That was a lie. They get old very easily. But this one is pretty cool.

Well, are these two just adorable or what?
So thrilled to be here. I can barely hold it in.
All that Zumba-ing is paying off. In case you are wondering, we are whipping our hair back and forth.
This would have been a cute group picture except for some creeper is lurking in the back.
After the beach, we headed back to the venue to wait for the show. We made sure to park in a designated area.
Here’s the only picture from the show. I have no witty comment.
We made it back to Savannah in time to not watch the second half of the Super Bowl (not that I really care) and grabbed some grub from the trusty sub shop. Florida was lovely and although I was a little disappointed with the below average excitement level that Jacksonville had to offer, any trip that goes down with the car in our possession the whole time is a success.
Sunday well spent.

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  1. What a fun trip!!! And that church beats the one in Maryland for sure…so cute! Glad you made it there and back safely(: Love me some road trips…WOOT!

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