Heel Yes.

One of my recent goals is to be better at wearing heels. And by better, I mean being able to take more than 2 steps without looking like I am learning to walk for the first time.

The other day I snagged these little beauties for $30 dollars (I love you, TJ Maxx) and after walking around the dorm in them for a few days and gaining my sea legs, I thought I was ready to take them out into the great, big, real life world.
So I put together this adorable outfit and started small by wearing them out to the car. Made it. Only had to steady myself once. Then, I ran a few errands– walked down all the halls of CVS and didn’t fall once. Done. And when I walked out of the market, bags in hand, just starting to feel confident and carefree, a pesky gust of wind came up and startled me causing me to back step onto an uneven cobblestone. As my foot twisted in my shoe, I made a terrifyingly awkward face and yelped a kind of “gerrsheeaaAAaa!” sound as I threw my bags in the air and fell to the ground. Picture it. And then to diffuse the terribly awkward fact that about 8 construction men were across the street staring at me, I let out a rather loud and obnoxious cackle to let everyone know that “Hey- I may be sitting on the floor next to a box of tampons and 6 granola bars, but I’m fine! Look! I’m laughing! See!? Oh, and these heels that are ridiculously tall and outlandish? …I wear them all the time! The fact that I fell is a total fluke.”
After I got up and brushed myself off, I sheepishly made my way back to Spencer’s car and changed into my back-up pair of flats that I’d shoved into my purse just in case. Good call.
Moral of the story: I am going to make it there. I’m going to get to that place where I can slip on a pair of heels and rock them better than Lady Gaga.
One day. I’ll get there soon.

5 thoughts on “Heel Yes.

  1. I am in that same boat! I want to be better about wearing heels but I always just chicken out and wear boots…no bueno! If you come up with some helpful tips I would love to hear them. 🙂

  2. I still haven't figured them out and have resolved myself to that very fact. Flats are a beautiful thing, as well as staying off my keester! I hope you have better luck then me.
    ~Aunt Sue

  3. once again, you make me smile!

    hint: small steps(like I ever wear high heels, but that's what the teacher at the Sears beauty school told me when I was a brownie in 2nd grade)

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