Oh, What a Difference a Week Makes.

(no, this is not my bike and no it is not technically snowing here, but it is still so so cold!)

Last week: basking in the sunlight as I rode my back through the cobblestone streets of Savannah.
This week: Hustling to get to a car before I get completely drenched in rain.
I know it is only the very beginning of February, but come on! I’m running out of cute ways to wear warm clothes. And I’m dying to wear my new cool sandals from Target that won’t be making their appearance until we’re in full fledged Spring mode. I’ve never been so antsy for the sun in. my. life.

2 thoughts on “Oh, What a Difference a Week Makes.

  1. I'll trade you….I can't wait for clouds and cool. Unfortunatly, I live in the desert, so it isn't a heppening deal. Location, Location, Location!!!!
    ~Aunt Sue

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