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Mobile Uploads are back! Here are a few pics snapped on my phone since this quarter started.
The other day I mentioned how we changed around our furniture this weekend. Well, if you’ve talked to me in the last few days, I’ve definitely mentioned it and exclaimed “It changed my life!” And I’m serious. Our lives here are already so routine and sometimes repetitive, the layout of the room was just another thing making us (mostly me) feel so mentally claustrophobic. A change was necessary. And while we were changing, a cleaning was necessary too. This is a picture of 1 of 4 swiffer pads (all equally this disgusting) from cleaning our floor. I promise you that our room is actually very clean– all of this disgustingness came from the places behind furniture and under rugs that we haven’t been able to get to.

If you remember that post a few days ago about my craving for In-n-Out 1) No, I still haven’t gotten anything in the mail and 2) I don’t think this picture being my desktop is really helping the situation.
Here, Tyler Morgan and I face the bone chilling cold to make our way to the safe haven of the sub shop. And as bundled as we may be, no women’s parka or hand knit blanket can stop the chill from working its way into your bloodstream and taking you over like a hostage to its bandit.
Arnold Hall. The drawing building. A place my art will never be on the walls. So, like my father always taught, its up to me to be proactive about the situation and take matters into my own hands. Work harder in drawing and maybe one day you’ll get there? No, silly! Make Xerox’s of your face and put them up on the walls yourself! Fake it til you make it, baby!
Ok, this picture wasn’t technically taken on my phone. But it needed to be shared. Recently pursuing her art, the dear Frances Russell took to a bottle of gel to help her walk the line of femininity and masculinity. Take that, a tube of red lipstick and an androgynous brow line later and you’ve got yourself a color theory masterpiece.

That is all for today. I am thrilled to be blogging from bed this morning as my color theory class was cancelled due to illness. Rejoice! I am also so glad to be finished with pesky January. That month didn’t know when enough was enough and frankly, I for one am glad to see it go. On to bigger and better things!

2 thoughts on “Mobile Uploads

  1. 1)Ew.
    6)FEBRUARY!!! You know what that means…VALENTINE'S DAY! Since I know you absolutely love this holiday I thought I would take the time to remind you that it is in 2 weeks! Spread the love Puj!

  2. 1) I'm just proud and amazed you know what a Swiffer is.
    2) That picture makes me hungry, but, unlike you, I actually can go get an In-N-Out!!! :o) sorry
    3) Homeless, but colorful (I made myself laugh with that one)
    4) If your woman drowning pic didn't make it on the wall, nothing should.
    5) I cannot wait to meet Frances in person — she's so funny, thoughtful, lovely, interesting … the look (and thinking about the comments she got (especially from you)) make me laugh.

    And now I am sooo late for work! love you

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