Residents of Non-Resplendent Island are Safe!

This morning I woke up and did my usual rounds on the computer, read my blogs, checked my facebook, checked my e-mail…wait– why won’t gmail let me log in? Why does it say that I don’t have an account. Because I totally do. So after about 8 attempts of doing the same thing, I figured my username and password weren’t working for a reason and maybe I should try something different (crazy idea, right?). So after a little bit of tech savvy, I eventually was let back into my account to find that I’d been hacked and something had sent a virus to everyone in my contacts (DO NOT OPEN ANYTHING I SENT YOU LAST NIGHT). After that debacle, I headed over to my blog to check if someone wanted to make my day with commenting on something and also to whip a little som’m som’m together for today. I was planning on finally tackling that monster of a post I’ve been talking about where I explain to you my inner most thoughts and what I’m thinking regarding my major. But, alas, when I got to my publishing site, because it’s connected to my gmail, I found that it had been completely locked. And even though I tried the same approach as I’d used to crack my gmail, the same thing kept popping up “This Blog has Been Deleted” (Deleted really was in red, which I think is just extra mean). And this terrible feeling came over me. Close to the feeling when you realize you’ve lost your wallet, but more like the feeling when you realize that you’ve lost your favorite sweatshirt or picture or something with more memories attached to it.
And I hadn’t realized until right then and there how much I cherish this blog. On top of using it to communicate with everyone I love, it’s basically the closest thing I have to a journal. There is so much that I value about this space and as someone who has been characterized as over-talkative and controlling (I’m talking to you, Enneagram) I love that I can essentially say whatever I want here and you can either read it or not, but you can’t blame me for being annoying! So great! Funny how I made this realization 2 days before little bloggie’s 1st birthday. Timing.
Eventually, something worked and after answering about 20 security questions, it all went back to normal. Phew. I couldn’t have been more thrilled to see the words “Non- Resplendent Island has Been Restored.” For the first time, it made me think of Non-Resplendent Island as an actual place somewhere in the tropics with little inhabitants who make coconut shell postcards, palm tree reed hats and eat lots of pineapple. And all these little islanders depend on me to survive (Did I mention the Enneagram called me controlling?).
Guess you guys will just have to wait a couple more days to get my thoughts about my Major decision. Blogging 101: gotta keep em coming back.

2 thoughts on “Residents of Non-Resplendent Island are Safe!

  1. We would truly all be at a loss without Non-Resplendent Island. It's part of my daily routine, and since I love a routine, I would be crushed to find that something as wonderful as this was not a part of my everyday to do list. Also, if Non-Resplendent Island were a real place I would definitely want to go!!! Who doesn't love those awesome palm tree reed hats and pineapple??? I know I do!

  2. Trauma!!! OMG – seriously… I would be so bummed if you'd lost everything you'd written!

    Tenin — NRI is a real place…it just isn't a physical place…. and the people there have green skin and bright pink lips (naturally prevents sunburn).

    Love NRI blogggg

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