I’m finding that weekends are becoming my most productive times. With the business of the week, its hard to get myself to sit down and do all the little extra things on top of classes and homework a weekday, but the weekends are these beautiful gifts of time to just power through my ever-growing to-do lists. Yesterday, I crossed off about 5 things on my list (granted, I added about 8 more) but once you get in the mind frame of it being a productive day, it’s easy to hunker down and get things done.
Claire, Frances and I rewarded ourselves with a delicious dinner at Leoci’s. Because SCafe just really isn’t an option (free laxatives, anyone?) we typically get most of our food from the always reliable sub shop or the slightly unpredictable local Kroger to stay budget friendly. But after my 8th turkey on wheat by Wednesday, it’s hard to resist going out to eat something from like, oh I don’t know, Chik fil A? Zunzi’s? Bojangles (lovingly referred to as Boner-jangles by Claire)?Goose Feathers? Blowin’ Smoke? So, in order to keep our wallets somewhat full, we made it a point this quarter to spend less money on dumb fast food and cheap meals that are only momentarily satisfying and instead treat ourselves to one nicer meal once a month. I’d been looking forward to going all week and I’d say that it went swimmingly. Not only was the food delicious, but it was fun to get to dress up for something for once.
And after a midnight dorm layout mix up (more on this later), we hit the hay. Hard. It’s 10:30 and I just woke up, so although today is a bit slow starting, I know it will be as productive, if not more than yesterday.
I feel so refreshed with a new perspective on so much. The sun is shining. My desk is clean and there is so much I want to share with you all; I just want to do it in a way that really does all the news justice.
This post may be a little scattered, but then again, so I am I right now.
Have a great weekend everyone!!!! You’ll be hearing from me very soon.

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