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Drawing is not my strong suit. Before last quarter, I’d never actually taken any formal drawing classes and as I found out very quickly, I was not much of a natural. I think to literally to make anything look artistic and am not enough of a perfectionist to make anything look good.

Last quarter my teacher, Professor Fougerousse (say that 5 times fast) was a scatter brained, socks and sandals wearing kind of guy who I didn’t super click with. This quarter, I can already tell I like Professor Phillips (and not just because his last name is easier to say). He’s a big nerd who specializes in Sequential Art (think comic books) and has a much happier, dare I say infectious personality. He’s also much more lenient when it comes to “expressing your own style as an artist” which means that I can really go with a more stylized look of something as apposed to worrying about all the technical stuff. Jujie likey.
As part of our homework, Professor Phillips wants us to research artists who incorporate any type of illustration or drawing techniques in their work to share with the class on a weekly basis. He further challenged us to get work specific to our majors. Today, I stumbled upon a painter named Kelly Reemsten. Recently, she came out with a collection of fashion paintings called “It’s My Party.” I loved the humor in her paintings while still being deceitfully technical.
Through this assignment, I was surprised to find out how many great artists are out there that no one’s ever heard of before. I mean, obviously there are… people like me go to school for this crap every day and eventually they graduate and have to have a go at making their passions into careers.
I guess this begs the eternally frightening question: Where do all the art students go?

The hatchet one is my favorite.
(PS- I’m doing better than last week. Embarrassingly long explanation post coming up soon.)

3 thoughts on “Kelly Reemsten

  1. ok, maybe your 1st quarter teacher was a bit of a free spirit, but did you notice his kids' names? August Benedict and Oliver Nicholas. like those names… such flamboyance

    ok, when I first saw these paintings, I thought it was the juxtaposition of a hatchet about to chop someone's head off with the pretty dress, but I guess it was just pretty dresses with tools . . . darn

    love you

  2. Ok, I think those paintings are so cool!!! I totally want one! Don't you love it, and hate it in a way, when assignments that seem tedious actually end up being really enjoyable???

    On a side note, just read about Nicole and Keith's new baby, Faith. I love them so muuuuuuuuuuuch! So classy and fabulous while still being so down to earth and normal. I think it is necessary that I find them and offer my babysitting services. Don't you agree???

  3. I never thought of wearing a dress when I was using my chain saw in Washington. I guess I was doing it all wrong….she looks much better than me. How in the world does she keep the sawdust off of the dress??
    ~Aunt Sue

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