Lover Boo

It’s been a slow few days here in room 154. With the quarter just getting rolling and the weather being so frightfully cold much time is being spent with my knitting needles and on the old interwebs. Something that has been keeping my entertained for a few minutes every day is this blog called TO MY WIFE.

This man (get ready to ‘awwww’) is writing a blog for his future wife who HE HASN’T EVEN MET YET! I don’t think it’s going to be up for long, though, because pretty soon this bachelor is going to be snatched up.
For various reasons, this week has been full of Julia interacting with couples. And the final word is that love (or something like it) is a funny thing.

I just want a Jim Halpert to call my own.


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  1. hey blogspot buddy! I didn't know this was your site of choice..perfect. Maybe the future wife is you? That sandwich on January 11 sounds unbelievable.

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