What storm?

So, for my whole life I’ve been hearing for years about these mystical, magical days where weather stops students from going to school. Some great, big cold front comes in and poof! No more math test. And living in California, never in my wildest dreams did I expect us to get a heap of snow that would jam up Redhill Ave. and keep me from getting to classes safely. Everyday I’d go to sleep praying that icicles would form so big that it would be a hazard to walk underneath them and I’d be able to stay in my bed all day with a bowl of something warm and know that I shouldn’t feel guilty about not being in school because this is God’s plan. Because God controls the weather. Duh. But, with that great feeling of wanting, I also had an equal, if not stronger, feeling of fear. I wondered who are these Titan’s of weather, these sinfully strong students, these Cold weather pioneers who can handle such an extreme lifestyle that the whole city shuts down and they are still able to live their lives? As much as I wanted to be them, I didn’t think that I would ever be as mighty and courageous to withstand such a testing experience.

Alas, we Californians never got the call. No monsoons or blizzards could keep my schools down.

So, you’ll imagine my surprise when I got the word last night that due to the weather, all 8 o’clock classes are cancelled. (Before you jump ahead and google ‘Savannah weather’ in fear for my immediate safety, just wait).
So, here it was! The day I’d been waiting for! Where I, a wimpy Southern Californian could brave the cold with fearlessness and walk among those greater than I. With the excitement came a sort of fear that I wouldn’t be up to snuff and the dangers of the cold would get to me and I’d freeze mid stride like a Narnian White Witch-esque statue.
But the fear could not stop me.
Well slept, due to the cancellation of my 8 o’clock Color Theory class, I dawned my parka and scarf to head out into the unknown of weather.
I open the door. I feel the rush of chill down my spine. Then, nothing.
Ok. It’s cold out, but seriously? No wind. No rain. No sleet. No snow. And not even the Weather family’s red headed step child, Hail, showed up for the big show.
So, here I am in Art History looking out the window wondering what all the fuss was about.

Yeah. It’s cold. But even my warm blooded Californian fingertips aren’t chilled.
Come on now, Savannah. Man up.

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  1. I feel you my friend. Unfortunately, Spokane apparently NEVER shuts down because of weather because they are so used to it. Even though I have been told this many times when I ask Janae, “You think school will be cancelled tomorrow?” (which she usually responds to by laughing at my non-cold weatherness) I still have faith that it will eventually get bad enough!haha But then, like you said, it's nice school is cancelled but you still have to face the elements to survive (mostly just getting food from the HUB in my case). Anyway, I understand where you are coming from.(:

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