I’m Really Enjoying Winter.

Today, it was 35 degrees. Tomorrow it’s supposed to hail. But after seeing Jonathon Saunder’s spring line, I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can break out poppy prints and breezy dresses. For now though, I’m going to zip up my parka, pull up my boots and brave the breathtaking feeling of opening my door and conquering the electrocution of bone chilling winds.

One thought on “I’m Really Enjoying Winter.

  1. Very cute…..on you, Kaitlin, Tracy and Taryn….could you find something for us “older folks” that covers the legs a bit closer to the knees? (the middle picture is a good lengthe, but we need to cover more of the chest) Fashion design for old folks, maybe a new unchartered field; GO GIRL!)

    Love you.
    ~Aunt Sue

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