The Deal

I have a lot to post about. First of all, I am officially in Savannah. We drove for 18 hours from Dallas and got here at about midnight on Monday. Oof. It was quite a day. It’s the kind of drive where I try get through hour by hour because when you look at the clock and think to yourself “I’m going to be in this car for 13 more hours,” that can change a person– change a person forever…

I was so beat when we finally got here and wanted nothing more than to collapse (correction: climb then collapse) into my bed and sleep for days and days, but I had to deal with an unfortunate case of tummy troubles. After being up for an annoying large amount of hours feeling terrible, I eventually fell into a deep, deep, Savannah sleep. Waking up at 10:30 the next morning was surreal…partly because I slept in until 10:30 (still shocked about how in the world that happened) and partly because I couldn’t believe that I was here again. In Savannah. At college. It seems like only yesterday I was packing up to go home and only like a week ago when I was leaving for school in the fall… and now sitting here typing this, Reminiscent Julia Mind is realizing how it only felt like a month ago when I was going to my first day of school EVER. In KINDERGARTEN. Time sure flies.
Frances and I, being the first ones here, had great plans to get tons done yesterday i.e. going marketing, school supply shopping, unpacking and just all around conquering the day with great ease. But, alas…why rush anything, right? It’s the beginning of 2011. We have plenty of time to be responsible and organized. So why not take some time to relax and do things that in a few days we won’t have time to do… like… watch the Bachelor? Yeah. I think that is the adult choice. And after spending a good 2 hours doing just that, I think we made the right choice (by the way, Bachelor fans– how excited are you for this season?! Because 1. The girls look crazier than ever and 2. Brad Womack is the saddest man in the whole entire world! Can’t wait.)
Anyway, the rest of the day kind of fell into place with the arrivals first of Spencer, then Claire and Jordan. And before we knew it, the whole gang was back together and ready for some action. Dinner and music reminded why I had such a blast last quarter and how great the next 6 months (EEK!) are going to be.
I have my first drawing class today at 5 and then two classes in the morning.
And just like that, the new quarter is on the move!

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