So much to catch up on, it’s embarrassing.

It seems I’ve dropped the proverbial blogging ball this past week. Officially, it’s only been a week since I last posted something, but there is much to be said about this last week.

Well, let me start with Christmas. I really really loved this Christmas this year. I feel like I honestly got to enjoy the whole holiday season due to the fact that I’ve been out of school since mid November and all that preparation really came to a head on Christmas. Family wise, I got to spend ample time with both sides of the family which was such a nice change from our usual routine. Obviously, I have to mention the awesome gifts I got this year– nothing crazy like a new car or computer or whatever, but lots of little small things that I didn’t realize that I wanted until after the gift had been opened. And in my opinion, that’s the best kind of gift.
I have to give honorable mention and major props to my secret santa on the Patton side this year, Aunt Sue, who pulled out all the stops and got my favorite gifts of the season– Gift certificates to two of my Savannah faves (Wild Fibre and The Sentient Bean) and an awesome book on the history of fashion. Major props, Aunt Sue. Can’t wait to use all of it.
The following day after Christmas was filled with family hub bub and then something extra cool on Monday and Tuesday. Kaitlin and I got to go to Palm Springs with my second family, The Pages, and enjoy the beautiful desert air courtesy of the Skjonsby family and their indescribably beautiful home. That small vacation was so relaxing and just what I needed to say goodbye to great friends and this awesome break. It’s amazing what a little Chipotle, white painted walls and a few rounds Mexican train can do for a gal.
The last couple of days have been odd to say the least. Doing mundane and routine things while knowing that I was leaving for 6 months a few days later messes with my head. I found myself being quite moody and subdued for no apparent reason and this behavior frustrated me so much that it made me even more moody and subdued. Vicious cycle. In spite of this, I had a great New Years Eve with the fam as we dined and watched movies. Family time rocks.
Finally, yesterday, the day came and the storm hit. In the morning, I was so surprised that I wasn’t super emotional and feeling fairly normal. I was eating popovers and watching TV and it was like “Ok, I’m leaving today. Alright. This is fine.” I showered. I dressed. I scrambled for the last couple of things to shove into my bags. And I left. Even driving to the airport, I was foolish in my unsuspecting arrogance. The second we parked at John Wayne, I stepped out of the car and into the pool of emotional recklessness. I felt my face getting warm and my fingers starting to tap and I knew the tears were brimming. I was able to hold it back until it was time to say goodbye. That’s when I lost it. Why is it that hugging makes tears come faster? Is it the act of squeezing that forces the water out at an alarming rate? Hmm… All I know is, showing the guard my ID at the security check was completely pointless because I look nothing like the picture when I have mascara tears streaming down my face. After a close call with my knitting needles in my carry-on and an unwanted on flight neighbor, I made it to Dallas safe and sound with the Three Layer Mint Squares in my lap all in one piece.
The Plan now is to spend the rest of the afternoon here at the Russell’s beautiful home preparing for the trek tomorrow. By night tomorrow, I will be in Savannah and mentally preparing for the next quarter of school. Wowza. Time flies.
I’m going to wrap up for now because I’ve been typing this post for what feels like hours. Keep your eyes peeled for a New Years post coming soon.

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  1. Pujela-
    I know I am never gone as long as you are, but I completely understand the emotional rollercoaster that is leaving your home. Luckily for you, my crying begins the night before which is just super for the rest of my fam. Yes, it sucks, but I ultimately worth it I think because it makes you grow as a person. Love you!

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