O, Hey–

In case you guys didn’t know, Christmas is 4 days away. Um….when did that happen? I should’ve known better. Christmas always seems to creep up on me, but nothing like this year. This is the least Christmasy Christmas feeling week of my life! And not for lack of trying. At home, the house is decked out with every bit of decoration. At work, 103.5 is constantly playing it’s holiday tunes. And as a matter of fact, even the weather has cooperated in making this winter actually feel like winter! I think what’s throwing me off is the fact that Christmas is on a Saturday. Who does that? Saturday? Really?

I feel like I’m more prepared for New Years than Christmas. Odd. And maybe that’s because my New Years has a weird connotation attached to it– departure. First of all, our over 5 year tradition of spending the evening with the Page family is being broken and Dress Brigade won’t be happening on New Years day because I’m leaving! But don’t fret, not all hope is lost; Mom, Kaitlin and I will be enjoying popovers and quiche in the warmth of a big fluffy bed as we watch the Rose Parade. Some traditions can’t be broken.
Today, I will focus on getting the Christmas juice to flow within me. Correction: Today, I will focus on getting the Egg Nog to flow within me. Better, right? Yeah. That’s Christmas.

One thought on “O, Hey–

  1. new years this year = sadness. no new years even. no pots and pans. no dress brigade. no watching the parade with your family and laughing at gay, crazy parade men. but i still love you!

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