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I really liked being able to share the pics the other day of things I taken pictures of with my phone, so I think I am going to make that a regular occurrence. Here are a couple from the last week or so of the quarter.
Starting us off, we have this lovely photo from my design class. I love this class. I think my teacher knew how burnt out on school most of us were and wanted us to just forget about all the rules and projects and grades and junk that were consuming us and just focus on how fun art can be. So she brought in finger paint and big rolls of freezer paper with our only restriction being that it had to do something with seasons. It was great. Even though nothing in the class was masterpiece status, it didn’t matter. Just a great reminder of why I’m here. Good news.

Ummm….have I mentioned the fact that we are OBSESSED with the show Felicity. No, not Felicity the American girl doll. Felicity the WB drama from the 90s. It, along with knitting, has consumed us and leaves us wanted more with every episode. This picture was moments after season 2 arrived in my mailbox and quickly moved into my hot little hands. Last nights episode left us wanting more after Felicity made an impulse decision to cut off all of her beautiful locks and decided to switch from a Pre-Med major to Art. On top of that, her heart is still broken from her recent break ups with both Noel, her intellectually endearing RA, and Ben, her hunky high school crush! Who will she choose!? I can’t believe I have to wait 6 whole weeks to see what happens next. Team Noel.

Ok, people. If any of you ever make it across the country to visit me in this fair state, we will most definitely be taking a trip to the beach on Tybee Island. And while we are there, we will most definitely be taking a trip to the Breakfast Club, a local breakfast/lunch spot with people as salty as the food they serve. This little guy that I’m holding up is their signature breakfast burrito (sooo good) and a little bit left of the Black Bear Burger. Things like this can never be described well enough, but this is literally the largest burger I have EVER SEEN. Folks, this box is simply the leftovers….of food that was split by THREE people. Largest food baby ever.

Before you guys give me any credit for this, let me just say in big bold letters THIS IS NOT MY PROJECT. THIS WAS DONE BY FRANCES RUSSELL. She pulled out all the stops for her design final on repetition and by taking these cools pictures of all of us and then pasting them on to a giant mounting board. Can you spot who’s who? If not, from left to right, we’ve got Jordan, Ellie, Haley, Me, and Spencer. So cool.

And finally, here are my recent purchases at the Turner House convenient store. Nothing more needs to be said. It’s finals week. Don’t judge.

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