We Mean Business

Here I sit, on this sunny Thursday afternoon, with a delicious snack of pita and hummus to my right and my current crocheting project (a sort of peacock colored beret) to my left. I feel as light as a feather now that this week is done. It was a doozy. With English papers, drawing finals and a design project all building this past week, I’ve made it over the finals hump and its all down hill from here. By the time I clocked into my bed late last night, I had gone a whopping 3 days with a cumulative 12 hours of sleep. Perhaps you are thinking to yourself, “Wait one second. The other day on this very same blog, I read of a promise to plan and not procrastinate and yet, here I am and it seems that she did just what she vowed not to!” No, no, friends. There was planning. There was lots and lots of planning. And lots of non procrastination going on all up in herrr. But the Finals Monster is a crafty one. He throws balls of fire and large citrus soaked spears at you while you are trying to climb the mountain of school. But I made it out the other side alive enough to tell the story of my success.

I am thrilled that this weekend requires very little of me and I’ll be able to enjoy the splendors of a Savannah autumn for the last time this year. Perhaps a little bikey bike, a little foodey food, and a lot of sleepy sleep. But I cannot rest until this darn beret is done– even if it means I must finish this whole container of hummus in the process.

Ok. Starting: now. I’ve got the ipod blasting the new Swifty and I am in the zone.
…Before I go, it just dawned on me… all this work just to get home and eat a little turkey? …I guess I must really like you guys.

5 thoughts on “We Mean Business

  1. And we absotutely adore you!

    Way to go, Babycakes — You conquered the evil Finals Monster! By the way, did you make the beautiful scarf around your neck in this flattering picture? Very cute. . .

    CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOUR FACE!!!! 11 days and counting . . .but I'm so glad you can enjoy your last few days in GA!!

    So proud of you!

  2. I have that same exact hummus!!! DELICIOUS!!! You are so close to being done with the first half of your freshman year of college…way to go! You are wonderful and I can't wait to see you(:

  3. You did it! The monster has been slayed . . . for now 🙂 Oh man I miss you! Can you make me a beanie too! I can't wait to see your gorge face and make some ruckus together. Sweet, sweet ruckus.

    Yo sista

  4. Okay I have that same hummus too and it fantastico!!! Us Pattons must know the dealio when it comes to hummus.haha So proud that you have made it through your crazy finals week…I am just about to go through mine. :/ Have an awesome last few days and I will see you soon.

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