Spencer from julia patton on Vimeo.

Coming in third for our Getting to Know You blog interviews is Spencer Malinski. Hmm….what do I even say about Spencer? Should I talk about her love for all things edible and the lengths she’ll go to get free candy? Her serious addiction to shopping and the hold new clothes has taken on her life? Or her hilarious sense of humor that makes me laugh every single day no matter how hard I try to be in a bad mood? These, among a handful of other reasons, are why I decided to to the video interviews in the first place. Explaining the characters and personalities I’ve met since being here just does not do them any justice. Beginning to scratch the surface on these girl’s personalities can only truly be done through the art of film (such as these moving pieces that I have so carefully thrown– I mean crafted together).

Enjoy the video and give me your thoughts on dear old, Spencer.

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  1. Ok one issue I had about the blog…worst case scenario being a school teacher??? what the?!?!?!? haha jk And I definitely know of the morning face you are talking about…oh how I miss it!

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