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I typically don’t take a lot of pictures with my phone. Not only because the quality is not very good, but usually, when I think an event is worth photographing, I take my regular camera. But sometimes, when you least expect it, a moment comes up that you weren’t prepared for and the only means for documenting it is, in fact, the camera phone. Lately this has been happening a lot. And I think the more I use it, the more I remember it and therefore, use it again. And because all of you readers are just so special to me, sometimes I even think to myself “Hmmm…..maybe I’ll upload this to the blog.” But, of course, I never do. Today, though, I thought it’d be a good idea so share a few of the photos and explain their meaning.

Ok– let’s start with this one. Last night, after attending the movies at our favorite cineplex, Sea Turtle Cinemas, we were on our way out when we spotted huge trash bags full of leftover popcorn. I had never thought about what they do with all the extra popcorn and when I saw it sitting there, it all became so obvious. We were meant to find it. To Take it back to the dorm. And pull some type of prank with it. Thank you, Sea Turtle Cinemas, for once again adding more than just a film to my movie-going experience.

Also yesterday, I took my first trip to Outdoor World (think Cabella’s and REI’s love child.) I was lured in by the fact that Frances and Spencer promised a HUGE fish tank. While browsing the store, we spotted a full on camp set-up. Whether or not to try out their cots and camping chairs was an easy decision. How can you pass the opportunity to pet a taxidermied raccoon? You can’t.
PS- their cots were definitely more comfortable than the beds at the dorms. Just Saying.

Recently we took a trip to Michaels. Our current knitting/crocheting dreams took over our minds and souls as we were drawn like moths to a flame to the corner of the store where we indulged in the finest yarns the venue had to offer. I had to take this picture because I thought it was so hilarious that although we still can’t even call ourselves beginner knitters, we justified every purchase with a future goal or project in mind.
Granted, this basket is full of two peoples stuff AND we did narrow it down a lot by the time we hit checkout.

This week was also the International Food Festival just across from our dorm where international students from SCAD had the opportunity to make food from their homelands (over 20 different countries were represented). It was awesome. I loved trying all the different foods and some of the participants were even wearing traditional clothes from home. Take this and add on live music from an awesome Jamaican Band and you’ve got a happy Julia.
This had to be one of the most pathetic moments I’ve seen since being in Savannah. Ok- let me preface this by saying my English class can get just a little dry. But this was just sad. The other day during a lecture, OVER HALF of the class fell asleep right in front of my professor. And as you can probably tell from the picture, we are in a regular sized class– not a lecture hall where the nappers can blend in with the crowd. I felt so bad for my professor. He’s the sweetest little old man, but I just had to sneak a picture. I counted a grand total of 17/30 students fall asleep. Shame, shame.

Finally, we have dear old Spencer dawning a creepy jack-o-lantern mask that my mommy sent me in a recent care package. I kind of have a slight phobia of masks, but she thought it was the coolest thing ever, so I let her have it. Thanks for the entertainment, mom.
Well, there you have it. A few silly moments from the last week here at SCAD. I’ll try to post about one of these mobile uploads once a week.

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