Hey, remember that time that I posted this???
Well, today I did something about it. I’m now a brunette. And I’m loving it. I was soooo in need of a change it and it just took me a couple of weeks to actually do something about it.
It was also a big day for Frances who also took the plunge and cut off about 7 inches of her hair AND got bangs. Big change.
So now we are both adjusting to our new looks by looking at ourselves in the mirror waaaay too much and curiously running our fingers through our hair all the time.
About 3 weeks ago, we took some random iMac photobooth pics, so today we made those our before and took some new ones for our after. I know they are in black and white, which sort of defeats the point of showing you my new color, but I promise I’ll post some when i actually take one that isn’t totally awkward of me by myself.
So, obviously the one on the left is the before and the one on the right is the after. If you click on the picture, it gets bigger.

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  1. it looks great!!! you are inspiring me my friend…since my hair is no longer blonde i've been debating dying it brown just for funsies but im scuuuuuured. but you look hot as always and i can't wait to see it at thanksgiving so i can admire you hair in person! 3 weeks!!!
    love you pujela!

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