Knitting up a Storm

So, it all started a few weeks ago when we were watching one of my favorite movies, September Issue (a documentary about Vogue Magazine). The people in the movie were shooting an editorial about texture and one of the looks was a great fur coat and this amazingly oversized red scarf. I saw the scarf. I loved the scarf. I needed the scarf. And I thought to myself “Hey, I could totally make that.” Now the fire has been lit.

I’ve known how to knit for a few years, but now…now I’m obsessed. I want to be able to knit anything– everything I see. How cool would it be if I could make huge chunky sweaters and cool scarves whenever I want. Luckily, Frances and Spencer have picked up their needles too so i’m not a lone soldier in this. And there’s also this great yarn store just a few blocks away called Wild Fibre. We visited a few weeks ago and it made me literally want to switch to a fibers major right on the spot. Their shop is filled with big piles of raw yarn. Everything from Alpaca, linen, yak and even the milk fiber that I learned about in my class last year.

So, it has begun. The knitting fiesta. All day. Every day. And we’re going to keep going until we get good. Real good. So be ready for awesome Christmas gifts.

…Probably not this year. But definitely next year.

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