This weekend was exactly what I needed. Lot’s of sleep, a new place to adventure and a break from the SCafe. I had so much fun seeing Spencer’s home town, Pawley’s Island and getting to hangout with some of her friends was such a blast.

After a late night drive after class, we got to the Malinski’s and I could not have been more in love with their house. Maybe it was the fact that I’ve been living in one room for too long, but it felt like I had stepped into the perfect Anthropologie model home. The pictures totally don’t do it justice.

The next day Spencer and her best friend, Anna, showed us all the great sights of Pawley’s. The scenery is so vastly different than what I’m used to in California, but the best way to describe it is that everything just looks like a huge, prettier back bay. Minus the giant dredgers.

Then we went to Currents, Mrs. Malinski’s home store and it all made sense why there house was amazing. The store was 5x better! Frances, who, if you watched the video you’d know she’s an interior design major and after walking around that store for about 15 minutes, she had a terribly sad look on her face. When I asked her what was wrong, she said she was “homesick for her future” and wanted it to be here now so she could have a store as awesome as currents.

We spent the rest of the day at an abandoned castle called Atalaya, previously lived in by two sculptors until the 1950’s when it was taken over by the state. Ok, yeah- we took tons of pictures of each other trying to be modelesque and yeah, we all hammed it up when the camera was on us, but come on, people…let’s just be honest and say that the whole point of the whole day was to get a great new Facebook profile picture.

Saturday was more mellowly spent. We ran a few errands with Spencer before she had to work and got some studying done at Barnes and Noble, but as a final hurrah to our lovely weekend, we finished it off with a little excursion to Conway, a town about 45 minutes away from Pawley’s to explore (and take more pictures) with a few of Spencer’s friends and her little sister. Unfortunately Spencer couldn’t make it because she was too busy modeling in a bridal show. Tough life.
Conway was so cool. After a pretty blase drive, we went over a bridge and ascended down into a town that looked straight out of Runaway Bride. Adorable brick buildings, Quaint little white churches and Autumn colored leaves knocked me out and I thought to myself “This is America.”

We walked along the train tracks and found an abandoned train car and drove around the town for a bit before we headed back to Pawley’s to be stuffed with homemade jumbolaya courtesy of Mr. Malinski. This weekend was all I could have asked for and more and my only complaints are the 5 extra mosquito bites that came home with me.

Thank you, Malinski’s!!!

3 thoughts on “Pawley’s

  1. Sounds charming … and the Malinski's home is so beautiful and warm and homey and pretty (just like Dana!). I'm so thankful for these wonderful gifts God has been giving you: sweet, fun roommates and friends, fall colors, kind and generous parents of roommates and friends ;o), Spanish moss, bike rides, yummy jumbalaya, bike rides, crisp mornings and great Christian sisters to enjoy it all with!

  2. Oh my goodness…I need to ask why you are so against your parents home in South Carolina idea??? It is gorgeous! And a little town like Hale, Maryland? Yes please! Looks like you had a blast and let me just say how jealous I am and want to go with you on a small town trip…we could totally combine that with the small church hunting trip. I just looked it up and Runaway Bride was actually shot in Berlin, MA and Stars Hollow was modeled after Washington Depot, CT so those need to be on the list(:

  3. By the way, what's happening with Is that just to show things you have made? Still love that name.

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