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As I mentioned earlier, I am going to be posting interviews with my friends here at SCAD. Today marks the first. It was so much fun sitting down with my main gals and hearing their responses to questions (that I usually already knew their answer to). My first victim is Frances Russell. I don’t want to give too much of an introduction because the video speaks for itself, but let me just say that I have loved getting to know her since coming to SCAD. After spending my birthday AND a roadtrip to Jacksonville with her and a few other girls all in one weekend, I knew we were kindred spirits. Frances has a great sense of humor and a natural likability to her that makes it easy to be around her 24/7. And I can say that with 100% confidence because I actually did spend a whole week with her and her roomie, Jordan, in my room after their room was attacked by bed bugs. I’m going to stop my self now so you can enjoy the video, but before I go please, PLEASE, PLEASE check out her blog, The Mute Turnip. You will not be disappointed. Without further ado, I give you…..Frances.

Untitled from julia patton on Vimeo.

(Like the honey video, this video is quite lengthy. Stick it out. And comment on it. Because I worked hard.)

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  1. First off…I definitely said Potter! Second, I never knew a goat had so many landmarks.haha Third, Frances is already my favorite because of the fact that her favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip. It looks like you are having so much fun and I knew you would find great friends! Frances cracks me up and you two together was absolutely histarical. Can't wait to watch more. Love you PUJE!!!

  2. I liked the interview very much. Julia, you may become a talk show host in the future! Your questioning and commentary were very professional and well done. Oprah is filming her final season, so this might be the perfect time to get your start! Frannie, you seemed calm and confident in front of the camera – nice. Dad and I laughed out loud numerous times! I particularly liked the editing add ins – very funny! Thank you for sharing this interview. I'm happy and thankful that Frannie has evidently found a good friend at SCAD :))))

  3. Ok, amazing, entertaining, delightful – you two are a kick . . .thanks, Frances, for being J's 1st guinea pig (wouldn't that have been ironic if that was your favorite animal!). Thanks for taking the time, both of you, for doing this and for letting us see! Soooo thankful you girls are all having so much fun and have found each other!!! (and the rest of the “jewels” too!

    Pujmo ., the video froze at 14 mins. Bumskies . . .

    Looove Youououou! Mumsie

  4. Now that I've had the great fortune of watching the last 3 minutes . . . (and I've checked out Frances' blog) . . . .

    It is sooooo very cool — love her thoughts, her depth, her sense of humor and honesty!!!

    I would say more, but I've gotta go marketing! (not shopping for clothes at a department store, not shopping for cars at the auto retailer, but shopping for food at the market . . . thus marketing)


  5. That was fantastic…you both made me smile today which was greatly needed(: Frances seems like an amazing girl and I can see why you two get along so great! I can't wait to learn about the rest of your friends at SCAD and hopefully I'll be able to visit someday and meet them all in person! You are wonderful and I miss you!

  6. Tashie and I watched this over pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin butter. The interview only added to the sweetness of the morn. Thank you for this. I really love you. YOU ARE BOTH GREAT. Amen

    — Kfizzle

  7. Julia,
    LOVE this! I'm so happy you found each other! Me and Avery Walker watched this together. Love you both!

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