Playing House

So, lately, one of the major things on my list has been starting to look for off campus housing for next year. My experience in the dorms has been better than most and not as bad as some and I wouldn’t say that I’m absolutely hating it. Other than the constant bass beat coming from our delightful neighbor, the bed bugs, the cockroaches, the rats and the laxative sprayed food (all stories for another day), I’ve been asbsolutely loving it. Most students at SCAD only live on campus for the first year and needless to say, I cannot wait to have my own place to call home with a kitchen and just a few more feet of breathing room. Not to mention the fact that I could potentially save up to about $5,000 a year by living off campus. Finding a place has been harder than I expected, though. There have been a few good prospects lately, but they have all fallen through, which has been so disappointing. The other day I heard about Tumbleweed Houses. Owner and creator, Jay Shafer has been living in one of the homes he also designs and sells for over a decade and you can purchase one of his tiny houses (they range from one bedrooms at 65 square feet to three bedrooms at 854 square feet) and most of them are literally on wheels. you can also puchase the plans and build one yourself for as little as $10,000. I’ve already spent an inordinate amount of time on his website and am seriously considering just taking up a bit of space on the edge of town to plop down and stay awhile. And why not when the houses are so adorable as well as amazingly thought out. It could work.

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  1. OK so I think that when our father's retire they should build little houses or high end playhouses for ppl…how cute!!! As cool as these are, I could not stand to live in such a little baby space with ZERO storage and places to put things! But I guess that's the point…not to have things that you need to store. Awesome idea though…and so adorable!

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