A Great Day

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Yesterday was great. First I slept in, which has been happening more and more here and I kind of like it. Then I went to the Telfair Museum for my drawing class which I was kind of dreading because I wanted to be free of classes for the day and enjoy the beautiful weather, but it ended up being great. The museum has an awesome exhibit right now of these great silver and gold tipped drawings. They were so intricate and lifelike. If I didn’t know any better, I would have sworn they were photographs. After, I went out to lunch with Claire and feasted on a delicious Shrimp quesadilla. But the real fun started after we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon in the park. In the afternoon, we went to Forsyth and did homework while we watched autumn unfold before our eyes. A cool breeze was blowing the brown leaves around the field and a pee-wee football team was practicing. There was a little festival (we still don’t know what it was for) down the field sponsored by a local radio station. Tunes were playing, pictures were taken, and laughter ensued. Once we realized we were pretty much in the center of football practice, we moved to The Bean, my new favorite coffee shop (and by coffee, I mean tea). They have a Rose Mint tea that I’m starting to get slightly addicted to. It was so nice to just relax and enjoy a perfect fall day. It was totally what I needed. Today was great too. Although most of the things that I mentioned the other day have yet to be resolved, it’s ok. They will figure themselves out in time. God has a plan greater than I could ever imagine. For now, I will enjoy afternoons with friends and tea.

2 thoughts on “A Great Day

  1. Oh, I am so thrilled by your day (which sounds so absolutely amazing – I want fall!), your enjoyment of it, your humor about it, your description of it . . .and so happy for you to be experiencing it all.

    Love your conclusion about the other “stuff” . . .


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